About Us

Sunrise Chemical is specialized in manufacturing anddistributing amino acids, nutritional supplements, botanic extracts andpharmaceutical raw materials. Our company was founded in 1999. We haveestablished stable purchasing and selling network based on almost 20 years’effort. We have become one of the earliest and biggest exporters of amino acidsand nutritional supplements in China.

In order to gain the initiative of the market, werealize we have to develop our business from single trading to wider diversification.

In 2003, we invested the first factory. Therefore, wecould have the possibility to do customized production and new productdevelopment.

In 2009, we founded another drug development company,named as Suzhou NeuPharma Co., Ltd. The team is comprised with doctors from Harvardand UC Berkeley. We have 4 products under clinical trials and 2 of them areunder Phase II in US.

In 2013, we set up an office with warehouse in LA andour business in US market has had a large increase.

Sunrise Chemical is developing towards more comprehensivecompany integrated with production, R&D and sales.